A week of tango lessons at the wonderful Umberto a Mare

Lessons from 7. October till 11. October 2019

Dear friends of Tango

please forgive me the fact, that my english obviously is not perfect. So just don’t judge me for my grammar mistakes 😉 Let me introduce myself. My name is Nina and I organize this course for the sixth time. I do it as a hobby and not professionally. This means that I don’t earn money with all of that and I need to organize it as simple as possible and people coming to Ischia should not expect, that I organize their vacation for them 😉


Travel to Ischia – Forio

So you are responsible to contact the hotel (www.umbertoamare.it) and to organize the trip to Forio and back. If you reach Napoli by plane, then you have a direct bus from the air port to the „Molo Beverello“. There you have fast ferries that go either to Forio directly. That is the fastest way to reach Forio. But there are of course other possibilities too. You will find all necessary information online.


The course offers you…

What I do organize are 3x2 hours of tango lessons, 3x2 hours of practica, 3 milongas and a gala-dinner. This is included in the price.

The welcome dinner is optional. So far it was always a beautiful evening and good for everybody to get to know each other a bit. The first lesson starts on Monday 09th of October at 10am and then you can decide if you would like to participate at the welcome dinner.

If you want more lessons of course you can ask the teachers for private lessons. If you don’t participate at certain lessons there is no refund of the money.


Our philosophy

The fifth time we organize a week of tango at a magnificent place (www.umbertoamare.it) with an excellent teacher (Rafael Herbas) and always with a familiar group of dancers (min. 10 to max. 14).

The lessons take place at the hotel „Umberto a mare“ and some of us have their rooms there, others are in a hotel around the corner called „Nettuno“. The breakfast we celebrate all together at the Umberto a mare, as well as the welcome dinner and the gala-dinner.

The prices for depend from how many dancers come. Just to give you an impression…

10 dancers : circa 450 Euro per person for all the lessons and practicas and the gala dinner (beverages excluded)

14 dancers: circa 320 Euro per person for all the lessons and practicas and the gala dinner (beverages excluded)

The philosophy is not to earn more money if more people come, but to divide the costs at the people that are coming.



If you want to take part, please send 150 CHF at the following bank account

Rafael Herbas, Landhausstrasse 6, 9000 St. Gallen
Raiffeisen St. Gallen
IBAN: CH98 8000 5000 0537 3856 3

The last date for sining in is the 31. July. If you cancel for any reason after this date, we can not pay back the money, because the costs are shared with all the others that already booked their flights and hotel rooms.

These are all the most important information. If you have any further questions send an e-mail to tangostgallen@gmail.com